Experience the tradition at The Malaya

Experience the tradition

The Malaya was founded in 1963 by Wong Tai See. A merchant seaman who migrated to Australia from Hong Kong in the 1940s.

Inspired by the aromatic and spice-driven Nonya flavours encountered by Wong See on his Southeast Asian travels, but shaped by the scarcity of exotic ingredients in 1960s Sydney, the original Malaya was forced to create its own unique recipes that challenged the then conservative Australian palate.

Today, The Malaya continues to serve Sydney diners its unique range of Southeast Asian cuisine, from the orginal 1963 signature recipes to a spectacular range of seafood dishes that reflect the beautiful waterfront location and contemporary restaurant space.

With sweeping water views, professional service, and an extensive wine and cocktail list, The Malaya provides a memorable dining experience for any occasion.

Ask us today about ordering live seafood, or about our private dining or group booking packages.

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