Curry Base


Curry Beef Recipe

June 2, 2013 / by Mustapa Jaffar

The Malaya’s curry base spice blend has been exactly the same for 50 years. Use The Malaya Curry Base to make our delicious Curry Beef at home. A thick and richly flavoured medium-hot curry filled with tender, slow-cooked beef, it works perfectly with pan-fried Roti Canai, steamed rice and green Asian vegetables.

June 2, 2013



Curry Duck Recipe

June 1, 2013 / by Mustapa Jaffar

Try this delicious duck curry at home - perfect for a weekend gathering with family and friends. In the restaurant we suggest a side of roti canai, a pan fried Malay flat bread, to mop up the rich curry sauce. Keep your eye out for this favourite Malaya bread next time your at your local Asian grocer. 

June 1, 2013


Malaya Sauce Recipes

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