Laksa Chilli Sambal


Kwai Du Recipe

June 7, 2013 / by Mustapa Jaffar

Kwai Du is an iconic and delicious Malaysian style rice-noodle stir-fry with chicken, prawns, egg and vegetables. Try making it at home with a touch of our Malaya Chilli Sambal to complement the mixed fresh ingredients and give it a customary chilli hit.

June 7, 2013



Chilli Chicken Recipe

June 6, 2013 / by Mustapa Jaffar

Chilli Chicken is a quick and easy stir-fry that highlights simple but concentrated flavours. Garlic, soy and shallots give it a classically Asian flavour, while The Malaya Chilli Sambal gives it that extra little spicy kick.

June 6, 2013


Malaya Sauce Recipes

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