Kids Menu

Suitable for children up to 12 years  
Without prior knowledge we may not be able to provide a meal for kids with allergies.  
All prices increase by 10% on Sunday, and by 15% on Public Holidays.  


Sweet Corn Soup 
Diced chicken and sweet corn in a chicken broth, thickened with egg.
Thin pastry skins filled with sliced chicken, king prawns, shallot, vermicelli and bean sprouts. Served with a sweet chilli sauce and ground fresh peanut and cashew nut. 
2 per serve
Atlantic Salmon 
Atlantic salmon, skewered, barbequed and served with a mango chutney. 
2 per serve
Seafood Rolls 
Minced scallop, king prawn and shallot, wrapped in a light pastry skin and deep-fried. Served with a slightly sweet chilli sauce and sesame seeds. 
2 per serve
Singaporean style marinated meat or prawns, skewered, barbequed and served with a satay sauce made from ground fresh peanuts and chilli.
4 skewers per serve
King Prawns $25.00
Beef $20.00
Chicken $20.00
San Choy Bow
Water chestnut, onion and shallot stir-fried with your choice of Spanner crab meat, mixed seafood, chicken, pork or vegetables. Served in a lettuce leaf.
2 leaves per serve
Pork $10.00
Vegetable $10.00


Lightly battered King prawns or pieces of chicken thigh fillet, deep-fried then tossed in honey, pineapple and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
King Prawns $19.00
Chicken $14.50
Marinated pieces of chicken thigh fillet or beef stir-fried dry style with oyster sauce.
Chicken $14.50
Beef $14.50
Fried Rice 
Rice fried with prawns, roast pork, egg and shallot.
Hokkien Chow Mien 
Yellow Hokkien noodles stir-fried with garlic, shredded pork, egg, bean sprouts and shallot.
Singapore Noodles 
Vermicelli rice noodles stir-fried dry style with chicken, bean sprouts, onion, shallot and egg.
Kwai Du 
Flat rice noodles stir-fried dry style with chicken, bean sprouts, onion, shallot and egg.
Salt and Pepper 
Lightly battered king prawn or bite size pieces of chicken thigh fillet, deep-fried and tossed in fresh chilli, salt, cracked black pepper and shallot.
King Prawns $19.00
Chicken $14.50


Ice Cream Ball Petit Fours
Bite sized ice-cream balls dipped in rich milk chocolate.
Ice Cream 
A scoop of vanilla ice cream served wth chocolate topping.
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