all cocktails from $18.50

Forever Wong
Lemon and Kaffir lime leaves, crushed with sugar, shaken with Hendricks gin, topped with tonic and cucumber strips. 

Lotus Blossom (Seasonal) 
Crushed Mangosteen, shaken with Belvedere vodka, topped with Pomegranate seeds. Served in a martini glass with an Acai sugar rim.

Eau de Paris
Lemon and basil crushed with Fleur se Sureau syrup, shaken with Skyy vodka, lemon juice and soda.

Lady Marmalade
Marmalade, freshly crushed ginger and mint shaken with Havana Club rum and topped with ginger beer.

Fresh Passionfruit shaken with coconut cream, creme de peche, Belvedere vodka and Kunizakari Nigori Umeshu

Lazy Sue
Golden pineapple crushed with cucumber and mint, shaken with Hendricks gin. 

All prices increase by 10% on Sunday, and by 15% on Public Holidays.

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